Singing Lessons Melbourne

Embark on your vocal journey with lessons from our vibrant, accomplished and passionate Melbourne singing teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or an established vocalist, our lessons are tailored to your level, ensuring a customised learning experience to enhance your vocal ability and achieve your musical aspirations.


Our vocal coaches are carefully curated from leading Australian universities, bringing a high level of education and a diverse range of musical backgrounds. Their extensive real-world wisdom enhances learning experiences for our students.


Our studios blend the best of the old and new – combining musical traditions and classical sheet music learning with cutting-edge technology. Our classes integrate an outstanding selection of music software and equipment, providing students with the best of both worlds.


Whether you are bouncing into kinder days or enjoying your retirement, if you want to improve your singing voice or expand your vocal skills, our teachers are ready to work with you. A third of our clients are adults – so no matter your age, we will ensure you meet your musical goals.


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What types of singing and vocal tuition do we teach?

Unlock a world of musical exploration with singing lessons at our Melbourne studios or online.

Jazz Singing

Immerse yourself in the richness of jazz, learning harmony and improvisation from our exceptional jazz singing instructors. From solo to ensemble improvisation over jazz standards, build a foundation in harmony and rhythm that applies to various styles. Ideal for those with a basic music background, you’ll have the opportunity to learn music theory and improve your singing techniques with our voice lessons.


Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of our Classical voice lessons. Focus on refining tone, rhythm and melody while learning essential music principles. Guided by our tutors, you’ll progress from foundational techniques to exploring diverse musical styles beyond classical. Participants can take examinations with the Australian Music Examinations Board, covering classical standards, scales, arpeggios, harmonic analysis, sight-reading, and musical form. Start your classical music journey with us!


Embark on a musical journey from the mid-20th century to today with our Contemporary course. We cater to every stylistic taste, from The Beatles to the latest chart-toppers. Gain insights into modern music, composition, chords, harmony, progressions, song structure, rhythm, feel, and songwriting. Seamlessly transition to jazz and classical streams from here.

Why Choose Michael Avery School of Music?

As a leading provider of singing lessons in Melbourne, instructors at the Michael Avery School of Music are deeply passionate about music. Whether classically trained or performing modern styles, our vocal coaches are dedicated to sharing the joy of music with their students.

Offering private singing lessons in person at our Hawthorn and Malvern locations and online, we cater to beginners and those pursuing advanced music performance techniques. Whatever your musical goals, our singing lessons are designed to suit everyone.

High-Quality Vocal Lessons, Melbourne

For many, learning to sing is an avenue of self-expression. Having voice lessons with a skilled singing teacher will enable you to perfect your technique and gain the confidence to perform songs you enjoy using your natural vocal range.

We provide expert tuition in a fun, relaxed, and welcoming environment and will customise your vocal coaching classes best to reflect your personal musical style and skill levels.

Unlock Your Vocal Confidence With Our Upcoming Events

On top of our singing classes, you can explore various enriching and often free events while enrolled at our music school. You’ll have an opportunity to improve your vocal technique, move past any performance anxiety and learn to sing in a group setting or perform in front of a wider audience.

  • Choir: Join our welcoming, fortnightly choir (wine and cheese provided!) at our Malvern Campus.

  • Music Theory Class: Dive into fundamental music concepts via Zoom on Tuesdays to enhance your musical journey.

  • Improvisation Class: Unlock your improvisational potential in engaging workshops at our Malvern Campus.

  • Performance Workshop: Learn confident stage presence and tips for group performances at our Malvern Campus workshops.

  • End of Year Recitals: Showcase your talents at the Abbotsford Convent. It’s a ticketed event and a fantastic way to finish the year!

  • Kids Jam!: Younger students can rehearse and showcase their talents in group performances at the Malvern Campus under MASoM guidance.

FAQS - Singing Lessons Melbourne

You can discover the joys of singing at any age! Our skilled vocal coaches adapt their teaching styles for students of all ages, fostering vocal health and a love for music. Whether you’re a budding prodigy having your first lesson or rediscovering your passion, we tailor each session to maximise your potential.

While singing lessons focus on technical skills, vocal coaching emphasises artistry and interpreting lyrics. Our expert coaches guide students in developing their unique voice, nurturing great singers with a deep understanding of musical expression. At the Michael Avery School of Music, singing lessons build a solid vocal foundation, while vocal coaching elevates artistic expression. Our skilled teachers seamlessly blend both approaches, providing holistic development for students aiming at significant label recordings, live performances, or refining their present skills.

Experience the perfect blend of music education and vocal health at the Michael Avery School of Music. Our singing lessons typically last 30 to 60 minutes, balancing comprehensive learning with comfort. Tailored to individual needs, each session at our school covers vocal exercises, music theory, and practical applications. Our expert teachers ensure an engaging experience, making every lesson a stepping stone to becoming a confident and skilled performer.

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