Welcome to The Michael Avery School of Music, a boutique Melbourne music school where music comes alive with passion and creativity.

Specialising in piano, guitar, and singing lessons for adults and kids, our studio is a playground for aspiring and accomplished musicians of all ages. Our classes are delivered by a vibrant team of young, friendly, and tertiary-qualified teachers, who are passionate about nurturing musical talent into something extraordinary.

Situated a mere 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD in Malvern and Hawthorn, we offer courses spanning jazz, contemporary and classical styles. Our school offers a dynamic space where creativity flourishes and potential is brought to life. Whether you’re a beginner or exploring advanced techniques, we welcome you to further expand your musical horizons with us.

Our exceptional teachers are carefully chosen from leading Australian universities, bringing diverse musical backgrounds that infuse each lesson with enriching experiences.

At our school, quality learning means using the best instruments. Lessons feature state-of-the-art equipment, including Kawai, Nord, Rhodes and Yamaha.

Our studios integrate cutting-edge technical and music software with traditional resources such as sheet music and teacher-recommended books to ensure a completely holistic learning experience.

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