Drum Lessons Melbourne

Learn drums or enhance your skills with our leading Melbourne instructors. Whether you’re just starting out or a well-established musician, our lessons are tailored to enhance your skill levels and bring your drumming goals to life.


Curated from leading Australian universities, our instructors bring diverse musical backgrounds to their teaching. This real-world expertise ensures a dynamic learning experience for our students.


Experience the energy that playing drums with premium instruments creates! You’ll have access to a high-quality drum kit during your lessons at our Hawthorn campus.


Be immersed in a fusion of musical tradition and cutting-edge technology at our studios, where classical sheet music is intertwined with advanced software and production equipment – it’s the best of both worlds.


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What types of drums do we teach?

Learning to play the drums is an exciting journey into the music world. Playing drums can produce a wide range of sounds and opens up many possibilities for exploration and creativity. Our teachers can help you learn a vast array of styles, including funk, rock, gospel and reggae – just let us know what you want to learn!

Experimenting with various styles and rhythms can transform simple songs into a different piece of music, conveying an entirely new musical context. We highly encourage our students to keep an open mind and stay curious throughout the learning experience. 

Our main teaching streams for drum lessons are:

Modern Drums

Love contemporary music? Our modern drum lessons will give you the practical skills and techniques to play across genres that most resonate with you.

Rock n’ Roll Drums

If you prefer your music a bit heavier, our instructors can work with you from theory to performance technique! If you are focused on heavier styles, talk to us about any specific genres or techniques you’d like to learn.

Jazz Drums

Want to saturate yourself in the soulful sounds of jazz drums? You’ll learn chord progressions, improvisation and harmony from our talented jazz drum instructors.

Drum Lessons Melbourne

Why Choose Michael Avery School of Music?

As a leading provider of musical lessons in Melbourne, instructors at the Michael Avery School of Music are dedicated to the art of music. Whether classically trained or having performed with modern music icons, you’ll be working with a drum teacher who is truly passionate about sharing the joy of playing a musical instrument. Whether contemporary, pop, jazz or rock drum lessons, you’ll have access to instructors with real-world experience and a variety of teaching styles to suit your needs best.

Whether you are just starting out with the drums or want to work with a highly experienced teacher to meet performance goals or create your own music, our private drum lessons in Melbourne (Hawthorn), cater to every type of learner – including many adults!

Whatever your musical goals, our lessons are designed to align with your aspirations, from beginners to those pursuing advanced learning techniques.

Our Melbourne Studio

Located in Melbourne’s beautiful inner east, our drum lessons take place at our Hawthorn studio. Just a stone’s throw away from Melbourne’s CBD, our studios are easily accessible by public transit, with ample on-street parking nearby if you are driving.

How Old Is Too Old, Or Too Young To Learn The Drums?

We teach drums to anyone passionate about playing and learning – including many adults who got started much later in life! If you can do it and want to, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from taking a class to decide if it’s something you want to explore further.

We even offer a complimentary first lesson so you can test the waters and see if it feels right for you. If you still think your age is a barrier, remember that Viola Smith began playing in the 1930’s and kept playing until she was 107 years old! Leo Bluefield, a jazz drummer from the Big Band era, is still playing at 104 years old. Many greats, including Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Ginger Baker (Cream) and Dave Clark, continued (or still) play, into their late seventies or eighties.

FAQS - Drum Lessons Melbourne

We offer drum lessons for students of all ages in Melbourne, from children to adults. Our drumming classes cater to beginners and advanced drummers alike, ensuring a fun and educational experience for all ages.

Yes! We provide opportunities for live performances to showcase your drumming skills. Whether it’s at local events, recitals, or band performances, we encourage our students to share their talents with others. Join us for drum lessons in Melbourne and take your skills to the stage.

No, you don’t need your own drum kit for drum lessons in Melbourne. We provide all the equipment for your drum lesson, including the drum set, cymbals, and other percussion instruments. If you are committed to learning the drums, we recommend that you look at hiring, buying, or borrowing when you can because practice really does make perfect!

Just yourself – but we appreciate it if you could bring your own set of sticks! If you have beginner (or whatever level you are starting with us) drumming books, please bring them to your practice sessions, too. We provide everything you need for your drum lesson; simply come ready to learn and have fun!

No prior musical experience is required to start drum lessons in Melbourne – just a passion to play music! Our beginner-friendly drum lessons cater to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experienced musicians.

The frequency of drum lessons depends on your goals and availability. Whether you’re interested in private lessons or group classes, we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your learning needs. You can also access online classes for when you can’t make it, and most of all, practice your skills as often as you can in your own time.

Our drum lessons in Melbourne cover a wide range of musical styles, including rock and roll, pop, jazz, blues, heavier styles, and more. Our teachers will create a lesson plan to match your musical tastes and interests, ensuring a personalised drumming journey.

Our drum lessons typically last between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your preference and our teacher’s availability. Whether you’re interested in online lessons or in-person instruction, we offer convenient scheduling options to fit in with your lifestyle and schedule.

When you are moving from beginner to advanced skills, musical theory is one of the fundamentals to understand. Depending on the areas you want to learn and the style you enjoy playing in, you could try the following:

  • Syncopation
  • Rhythm Section Drumming
  • Stick Control

If you have specific skills you want to refine, chat with your teacher or other musicians who have the skills you want to learn, and ask them if they can recommend some good learning resources!

Yes, we do. If this is the style you want to learn, our instructors can work with you from theory to performance technique! If you are focused on heavier styles, talk to us about any specific genres or techniques you’d like to learn.

Absolutely – and we feel it’s one of the most critical aspects of learning drums. If you’ve got favourite songs or particular musicians you’d like to learn, we can customise our classes around your musical goals. From learning songs from Zeppelin’s John Bonham to Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason, we’ll ensure you learn to play styles that resonate most with you.

If you want to study or sit for exams, our teachers are here to help you with everything from the basics, practice sessions and pre-exam work. Many of our more advanced students who are learning music with us choose to study music at the university level or become performance artists.

Our teachers can help you with the practical application of skills and in-depth musical theory – whatever you need to bring your musical aspirations to life.

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