Explore diverse styles with our piano, guitar, and singing lessons tailored for both kids and adults.

Don’t hesitate to reach out … a third of our 300 students are adults. Your musical journey starts here!

piano / guitar / voice
teenagers / adults
beginner / intermediate / advanced

Immerse yourself into the world of jazz and blues music with our comprehensive Jazz course. Learn solo and ensemble improvisation over a jazz standard and develop strong harmony, rhythm, and feel foundations transferrable to various styles. Ideal for those with basic music knowledge.

Additional topics covered in our jazz course encompass:

chords + harmony
chord progressions
scales + modes
jazz standards

piano / guitar / voice
children / teenagers / adults
beginner / intermediate / advanced

Our contemporary course suits those eager to explore music from the mid-20th century to today. From The Beatles to recent chart hits, we embrace and cater to every stylistic taste. This course will allow you to gain deep insight into modern music and composition beyond traditional notation. Students can seamlessly transition into jazz and classical streams from here.

Key focuses of this stream include:

chords + harmony
chord progressions
song structure
rhythm + feel

piano / guitar / voice
children / teenagers / adults
beginner / intermediate / advanced

In contrast to our jazz and contemporary music streams, this course holds a more traditional essence, centring on the cultivation of essential music principles. The lessons significantly emphasise the refinement of technique, tone, rhythm, and melody.

Numerous emerging students who embark on this pathway start their journey with instructional books under the guidance of tutors. As they progressively attain proficiency with their chosen instrument, many go on to explore a diverse array of musical styles beyond the classical realm.

Participants in this program are provided with the opportunity to partake in examinations with the Australian Music Examinations Board, should they wish to do so.

In this stream, you’ll cover:

classical standards
scales + arpeggios
harmonic analysis
musical form

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