Classical Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Learn classical guitar or enhance your skills with leading Melbourne classical guitar instructor and head of school, Michael Avery. Whether you’re just starting out or an accomplished musician, our lessons are tailored to enhance your skill levels and bring your guitar-playing goals to life.


Michael Avery, head of school is a classical guitar specialist. With decades of experience taking students of all ages(yes, adults too) from very first steps to refined levels of artistry with classical guitar.


Experience the joy of playing classical guitar with premium instruments. If you don’t have your guitar, you’ll have access to high-quality classical guitars from makers such as Alhambra.


Immerse yourself in a fusion of musical traditions and cutting-edge technology at our studios, where classical sheet music is integrated with advanced software and equipment. It’s the best of both worlds.


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Bring your musical potential to life with our highly experienced guitar teachers. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitarist, our accomplished and passionate instructors are ready to guide you. Start playing the music you love with personalised lessons tailored to your skill level. For new students, we offer your first lesson free, which runs for 30 minutes. Enter your details below, and we’ll contact you to organise a time that works for you.

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What is classical guitar?

At the Michael Avery School of Music we teach Jazz guitar, Modern guitar and Classical guitar. Michael Avery, the head of school, teaches Classical guitar. That is his specialty and something he has taught for more than two decades currently.

For Michael the main indicator of a great student is commitment to the journey of learning. So with this in mind he is extremely happy to take beginners of any age and level. There is no age too old either: He currently has a number of retired students who, although relatively new to classical guitar, are progressing well and loving developing their skill and artistry.

We also have a number of other teachers at the school if Modern or Jazz guitar lessons are your preference.

Explore different styles of guitar playing that best reflect your musical tastes, including:

Jazz Guitar

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of jazz, learning chord progressions, improvisation, and harmony from our exceptional jazz guitar instructors.

Classical Guitar

Appreciate the beauty of classical music by mastering practical music theory, rhythm, and harmony, exploring compositions from various periods.

Modern Guitar

Love contemporary music? Our modern guitar lessons will equip you with the practical skills and techniques to play across genres that most resonate with you.

Why Choose Michael Avery School of Music?

As a leading provider of guitar lessons in Melbourne, instructors at the Michael Avery School of Music are dedicated to the art of music. Whether classically trained or having performed with modern music icons, you’ll be working with a guitar teacher who is passionate about sharing the joy of playing a musical instrument. From electric guitar lessons to rock guitar lessons, you’ll have access to instructors with real-world experience and a variety of teaching styles to suit your needs best.

Whether you are just starting guitar lessons or want to work with a highly experienced guitar teacher to meet performance goals or create your own music, our private guitar lessons in Melbourne (Hawthorn and Malvern), cater to every type of learner.

Whatever your musical goals, our guitar lessons are designed to suit everyone, from beginners through to those pursuing advanced learning techniques.

Meet Your Melbourne Guitar Teachers

Tom Mansfield

Tom Mansfield, an established musician and passionate music teacher, is the Head of Guitar at Michael Avery School of Music. He has been with us since 2015, blending his Jazz guitar education, solo and group performances (including Melbourne’s 30/70) with a decade of teaching experience. He emphasises personalised guitar theory, technique and repertoire within a relaxed yet goal-oriented learning environment.

  • Instrument: Guitar

  • Qualifications: BMus, Monash University

  • Courses: Contemporary, Jazz, Classical

  • Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Ages: Children, Teenagers, Adults

  • Availability: Mon-Wed (Malvern), Thurs (Hawthorn)

Sorcha Albuquerque

Hailing from Perth, WA, Sorcha Albuquerque is a WAAPA graduate and Michael Avery School of Music’s Jazz Guitar virtuoso. Collaborating with industry luminaries, she’s graced prestigious stages globally. Sorcha is known for her original compositions and teaches guitar, focusing on contemporary, jazz, and classical styles.

  • Instrument: Guitar

  • Qualifications: BMus, WAAPA

  • Courses: Contemporary, Jazz, Classical

  • Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Ages: Children, Teenagers, Adults

  • Availability: Tue-Wed (Hawthorn), Thurs (Malvern)

Max Villella

Max Villella, an Australian guitarist, composer, and improviser, celebrates the richness of Australian music through diverse styles. Max holds a BMus from Melbourne University and is well-versed in Contemporary, Pop, Jazz, and Blues. Max welcomes students of all ages and levels by offering guitar lessons in contemporary and jazz styles.

  • Instrument: Guitar

  • Qualifications: BMus, Melbourne University

  • Courses: Contemporary, Jazz

  • Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

  • Ages: Children, Teenagers, Adults

  • Availability: Tue/Fri/Sat (Malvern), Wed/Thu (Hawthorn)

FAQS - Classical Guitar Lessons Melbourne

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to expand your musical journey, learning to play guitar is a rewarding experience. At Michael Avery School of Music, our school caters to many types of guitar students enthusiasts, including classical guitar or modern guitar. Choosing between the two depends on your preference; classical guitar is incredibly rewarding but does take patience, the result is beautiful music well worth the time put into learning. However modern guitar is a little more flexible, with a little less emphasis on reading and the detailed technique that classical guitar requires.

No need to bring your guitar if you can’t travel easily with it. We provide instruments for in-person Melbourne guitar lessons, ensuring you have everything you need to dive into your musical journey. Our goal is to make learning convenient and enjoyable for you, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned player seeking to enhance your skills.

Yes, we have embraced the digital age with our online classical guitar lessons! Perfect for those with busy schedules or remote locations, our virtual studies offer the same quality instruction as in-person sessions. Enjoy the flexibility of learning from the comfort of your home while receiving expert guidance tailored to your musical goals.

Wondering about live performance opportunities? We encourage and support our students in showcasing their talents on stage. We have a midyear and end of year concert at a major Melbourne venue every year. Whether it’s a small gathering or a more formal setting, our focus on music performance ensures you gain confidence and experience, turning your guitar skills into captivating live performances. You can learn more on our events page, or speak to your guitar teacher next time you attend your lessons.

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